Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Post # 14

Hey guys!

How's your week so far?

Well this week's song is Cracks featuring Belle Humble the Flux Pavilion Remix by the Freestylers

This song was Awesome when it was remixed!

By itself the song is quite bland and it didn't really have a beat to it but afterwards it was completely awesome. The beat wants you to get up on your feet and dance but it is still a song that you can sort of sing to. With Belle Humble in the background singing it brings the whole thing together. The bass was also awesome as well.

Well I hope you guys have a good week I will putting up another song up next week!

If you guys have any ideas please leave a comment in the box and I will listen to the song and give my input in!

Well See you next week!

Peace out


Thursday, January 16, 2014

post # 13

Hey guys hows it going?

Todays song is Eyes on fire by Blue foundation.
This song is actually remixed by Zeds Dead.

The original song was good but a little flat. Not enough bass or background instruments. But after the remix by Zed Dead the song was no longer flat and it had a really good beat to it. It wasn't boring or motionless. This remix version give the song more of a motion based song. How they remixed the signers voices to go along with the instruments in the background was really smart.

Tomorrow I will be putting up another song which I am not sure yet because I am just going through my playlists and then looking for songs that are familiar or I am just listening to random songs off of Pandora.

If you guys have any preferences please leave a comment in the box and I will make sure to listen to the song tonight and write up the queue right away.

Anyways hope your guys day will be awesome!

Peace OUT


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

post #12

Hey guys I am putting in 3 posts this week!

I have decided that since I was gone for such a long time that I would put more posts in.

Todays song is Madness by Muse.

Everyone knows Muse from their famous songs off of Twilight and such. Through out the Twilight series Muse has been the main focus of all the music in the movies. Each movie their song has gotten famous for example: Supermassive Blackhole. After those movies Muse has became more and more famous and know they are known nation wide.

Muse has been a favorite band of mine for a while now even before the those movies came out. I love this song for the background in the drums and the guitar. I also like others songs by them like Knights of Cyndonia. To listen to more songs by them just look up Muse on youtube and they will give you plenty of links to their songs.

Cya guys tomorrow.

Peace out

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

post #11

Hey guys I am back and with a whole bunch of new songs to put up!

Sorry I have been gone for such a long time, been busy with such and such.

This week song is bad wings by The Glitch Mob.

Recently techno music has been going through on my Pandora and I usually don 't listen to this kind of stuff but this song grab my attentions and I really liked it. Here's is a video to where you can listen to the song.

This band isn't to well known but they are pretty good. They do a bunch of song with Daft Punk so it's kind of in the same type of music genre, but some of their songs are a bit softer than the rest and unlike Daft Punk there is less singing and more instrumental value in their songs. Alright cya guys next week and leave comments in the comments box for a chance to have your song be on next weeks post!

Peace Out

Monday, December 16, 2013

post #10

Hey guys welcome back!

This week is the tenth post for the Song of the week! That is a little over two months! woo hoo!

This week song is Miss You by Foster the People from their album Torches.

This song was a request by another friend. I never really listen to Foster People so I didn't really know what to expect. Lucky for me this song was really good! I just like how the beat plays throughout the entire except for the parts when he is saying that he "misses you", or you might "miss me one day".

Leave a comment in the box for what you thought about this weeks song!

See ya guys next week!
Peace out!


Monday, December 9, 2013

post #9

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new week here is today's post.

This weeks song is Long time by Cake!

Cake has been a favorite band of mine since 2011. They just give some originality to music. Where some songs sound the same, yet Cake brings in a instrument that isn't used much in rock music. The Trumpet.

This band is original and at the same time they pull of the usage of all the instruments they use. The drum, trumpet, guitar, and bass.

Hope you guys have a good week this week and if you want to pick a song for net week just leave a comment with the name of the band and song.

Peace Out


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post #8

Hey guys!

Just like I promised two entires in one week!

Todays song is Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin.

This band is common for its rock music! I first heard this song in 2007. Sheesh it seems so long ago, in fact it was almost seven years ago!

I was like still in elementary school. Anyways I think that this song isn't bad, when I first heard it I thought that it wasn't good, but now since I am A LOT older I have a different taste in music. This song has some good vocals and the guitarist great. This band is really good if you like rock music!

Alright Guys I'll see you next week! Give a comment in the box on how you think I am doing and if you want leave a song for me to listen to and comment on!

Peace out!